Hey, That’s Pretty Good


What does Hey, That’s Pretty Good mean?

Hey, That’s Pretty Good refers to a memorable quote from iDubbbz in a YouTube video, uploaded to TVFilthyFrank.

Online, the scene has been used as a reaction image macro and GIF, in a similar fashion to Finally, some good food.


What's the origin of Hey, That’s Pretty Good?

“Hey, that’s pretty good” was heard in the TVFilthyFrank video, which was uploaded to YouTube on November 22nd, 2015, under the title DUMBASS GETS PEWDIEPIE TATTOO.

The video features various YouTube personalities, including Filthy Frank, iDubbbz and anything4views, with the latter getting an Ugly Scp Tato of PewDiePie’s logo.

When Filthy Frank asks his friends what they think, iDubbbz replies “Hey, that’s pretty good”.

Spread & Usage

How did Hey, That’s Pretty Good spread?

The line quickly became viral online, appearing in several reuploads on YouTube as a separate clip, as well as reaction GIFs and image macros on various websits.

Parodies and remixes also emerged in the following years, boosting the popularity of “Hey, that’s pretty good”.

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