How Can She Slap


What does How Can She Slap mean?

How can she slap is a meme and catchphrase that originates from an episode of Indian reality TV show Dadagiri: Beat the Bullies.

The show featured actor Ravi Bhatia, who was supposed to withstand both verbal and physical abuse as part of the show’s theme. Instead of resisting, he stepped out of character and proceeded to smack the hell out of the woman on stage who slapped her during the episode.

Ravi, who was appearing to be furious after landing the shot, started to scream “how can she slap?” on TV. He also got beaten by the studio’s security staff consequently.

Ravi’s rapidly repeated question, delivered with a thick Indian accent, laid down the foundation of the memorable catchphrase and meme that he had later become on the internet.


What's the origin of How Can She Slap?

Dadagiri: Beat the Bullies premiered in 2008 in India. Contestants were selected on a weekly basis every week and would go toe-to-toe for a grand prize of 50 thousand rupees.

Contestants were required to complete physical and mental challenges, as well as endure abuse by the show’s “bullies”.

The show, aside from the contestants, ahd many fixed roles, like, Esha Bhaskar as “The Goddess”, whose slap accumulated Ravi’s fierce lash out on the show.

Subsequently to the slap-back, the incident resulted in the host (Akash Beri) backed up by the show’s security crew physically assaulting Bhatia while he kept on shouting  “How can she slap?”

Spread & Usage

How did How Can She Slap spread?

The incident happened in May of 2008,  and on September 3rd, 2008, TMZ published the video “When a Man Slaps a Woman — The Indian Edition.”

The clip was a blooper, so it was never broadcasted on television. Remixes started appearing online just days after the clip was published online. EvilDaedalus was one of the first ones who remixed the short video. He gave his video the title “How can she BONK.”

Over the next few months, the video started going viral, with people creating remix videos and YTMND sites about the incident.

Following this, the clip went viral, and as a consequence, internet folk began to produce more and more remix videos and a lot of YTMND sites that all revolved around the topic of how can she slap.

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