I Am Sickened but Curious


What does I Am Sickened but Curious mean?

I Am Sickened but Curious is a popular quote said by the titular character of the animated series, Johnny Bravo.”

Online, a screenshot of the scene is used as a reaction image to express feelings of intrigue towards disturbing or repulsive topics. The meme can be encountered both as a reaction image macro, as well as a GIF, on sites like Reddit, 4chan and Facebook. It may also be used as a phrasal template.


What's the origin of I Am Sickened but Curious?

The episode, Cover Boy” of Johnny Bravo” was premiered on August 13th, 1999.

In one of the scenes of the episode, Johnny is entering a place, named Pops’ Diner where he finds Pops envelop Carl in corn chowder in an attempt to ease the pain of a poison ivy rash.

Johnny Bravo then states “I Am Sickened but Curious”.

Spread & Usage

How did I Am Sickened but Curious spread?

A clip from the episode was uploaded to YouTube by FruxMoonDragon on August 5th, 2012.

In 2013, the reaction image emerged on Reddit’s r/funny subreddit and in 2017, the format appeared on Tumblr.

Since 2017, the “I Am Sickened but Curious” has been circulating online, appearing in the comments under disgusting posts, like Cake Farts, as well as controversial topics, like the 228922 manga.

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