I Don’t Want Peace. I Want Problems


What does I Don’t Want Peace. I Want Problems mean?

I Don’t Want Peace. I Want Problems refers to a popular TikTok sound, that has been circulating for a while on the platform, used to express an addiction to toxicity.

The phrase itself comes from a Ghanaian movie adaptation of the Mortal Combat video game series, in which one of the characters exclaims “I don’t want peace. I want problems, always!”. The sound has been a popuar TikTok meme since 2021 and is still prevalent on the platform.

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What's the origin of I Don’t Want Peace. I Want Problems?

“I Don’t Want Peace. I Want Problems” comes from the Ghanaian Kumawood adaptation of Mortal Combat, which premiered in 2017. One of the scenes depict Shao Kahn, the tyrant of the video game series, portrayed by Marsuel Hoppe exclaiming the iconic phrase in a passionate way.

Although the movie became somewhat of a meme even before its premiere in 2016 – thanks to its trailer becoming viral on Facebook -, “I Don’t Want Peace. I Want Problems” began circulating online in 2021.

The first ever TikTok created with the sound only was uploaded by @zibo76, followed by several other content creators, adopting it.

Spread & Usage

How did I Don’t Want Peace. I Want Problems spread?

“I Don’t Want Peace. I Want Problems” spread rapidly on TikTok, with people reflecting on their attachments toward bad habits in an ironic manner, using the quote in memes.

The format also began appearing on other sites, including Reddit, Instagram, Twitter, and even YouTube.

TikTok‘s fascination with African accents is well represented by the popularity of Bombastic Side Eye as well as this meme.

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