I Found You Faker


What does I Found You Faker mean?

I found you, faker! – a memorable quote, which was uttered by fictional game character Sonic the Hedgehog during the gameplay of Sonic Adventure 2: Battle.

The scene, where the line is uttered, features Sonic and his antagonist Shadow clash in a duel, while they simultaneously insult each other with supposedly badass one-liners.

This duel scene has become a recognizable segment in the Sonic franchise’s fandom. Various image macros and exploitable-type templates have been made from screenshots of the game, and the dialogue eventually started floating around on the internet as copypasta as well.

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What's the origin of I Found You Faker?

The action-adventure game Sonic Adventure 2: Battle was released by Sega in 2001, a company which had freshly departed from console production and shifted into software development at the time.

The game, thanks to its crisp graphics and multiplayer features, was a big success. It became widely recognized within gamer culture, which has helped the I found you faker scene to earn its legendary status and to eventually become a meme of its own.

Spread & Usage

How did I Found You Faker spread?

A 3 seconds-long clip of Sonic uttering the line during the scene was uploaded on YouTube in 2012 by KevinBelmont, and was titled “I found you faker”. The video has generated 23.000 views since.

The infamous scene was quoted regularly online in /r/SonicTheHedgehog, however, the phenomenon only became viral in 2016 after the full scene was uploaded on YouTube by a user called Politoed.

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