I Have Achieved Comedy


What does I Have Achieved Comedy mean?

I have achieved comedy refers to a reaction image macro used to criticize other users’ memes and comic displays online.

The image macro features Meme Man floating through outer space, paired with the text “I have achieved comedy”.

I Have Achieved Comedy


What's the origin of I Have Achieved Comedy?

The image macro comes from a screenshot of a video uploaded to YouTube by Timotainment on April 11th, 2019.

The skit depicts Meme Man performing at a stand-up comedy show, where after he manages to make the audience laugh, he proceeds to float away and say “I have achieved comedy” in outer space.

Spread & Usage

How did I Have Achieved Comedy spread?

Screenshots of the moment started to be used in memes and image macros on Reddit in July, 2019.

“I have achieved comedy” would spread on to numerous subreddits, as well as humor sites, such as memedroid, Imgur as well as social media sites like Instagram and Facebook.

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