I Just Wanna Grill


What does I Just Wanna Grill mean?

I just wanna grill refers to a series of image macros, depicting a middle aged man, standing by a grill, combined with the captions “all the media says is ‘racism, shootings, socialism, KKK’ I just wanna grill for God’s sake”.

The meme is alternatively referred to as the griller.

Online, it is used for humorously mocking the political stance of baby boomers, as well as centrists.

I just wanna grill


What's the origin of I Just Wanna Grill?

The meme had precursors occurring in 2018, all centered around the disinterest of upper-middle class baby boomers, who choose grilling over politics.

These precursor memes were first posted in the r/MillionDollarExtreme subreddit.

The first instance of the “I just wanna grill” meme is also accredited to this subreddit, as Reddit user DrugThrone claimed to have posted the meme first.

This, however cannot be verified, as the subreddit has since been banned.

An early instance of “I just wanna grill” was posted on Imgur on March 12, 2018.

Spread & Usage

How did I Just Wanna Grill spread?

By May, 2018, the meme would make its entrance on Twitter and within weeks, on iFunny.

“I just wanna grill” would see various edits and combinations with other memes be created and uploaded, mostly on Reddit and 4chan.

On September 19th, 2019, Phil Carpal released a song titled “I just wanna grill”.

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