I’m a Genius! Oh No!


What does I’m a Genius! Oh No! mean?

I’m a genius! Oh no! refers to an image macro, taken from the anime, Gundam Reconquista in G.

Online it is used as a meme to reflect on people acting pretentious and then regretting it immediately.


What's the origin of I’m a Genius! Oh No!?

The meme originates from the 3rd episode of Gundam Reconquista in G, titled The Pressure of Montero, which was aired on October 10th, 2014.

It features a character exclaiming “I’m genius!” quickly followed by a fearful “Oh no!”.

Spread & Usage

How did I’m a Genius! Oh No! spread?

Screenshots of the moment were rarely used on the internet, however, the first time the clip was uploaded online was on July 10th, 2018 by YouTuber, Bompi.

The format is mostly preavalent on Reddit, although it may be encountered on other sites and image boards as well.

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