I’m About to End This Man’s Whole Career


What does I’m About to End This Man’s Whole Career mean?

I’m About to End This Man’s Whole Career is a famous quote from the 2011 YouTube sensation The Rap Battle (Parody)”, featuring Supa Hot Fire.

A screenshot from the video started circulating on the web, along with the titular quote, as an image macro, referring to scenarios in which one’s reputation is at stake. The meme can be encountered in message boards and meme pages, often paired with humorous captions.


What's the origin of I’m About to End This Man’s Whole Career?

The original video, which has been sadly removed and replaced with a popular reupload was uploaded to YouTube on May 25th, 2011 by MrDeshawnRaw. The skit is a parody on the competitive and confrontational nature of rap battles, where a bland, witless character, Supa Hot Fire is throwing unfunny punchlines at a stereotypical rapper, while being praised by his entourage.

In one of the scenes, Deshawn, also known as Supa Hot Fire drops the line “I’m About to End This Man’s Whole Career”, followed by the most Lit punchline of hip-hop history: “Boom Bam Bop Badabop boomp POW.”

Spread & Usage

How did I’m About to End This Man’s Whole Career spread?

The meme appeared rarely prior to 2019, however on February 22nd, 2019, it was posted to the r/dankmemes subreddit by u/MileHighMiracle, which led to the spread of the format.

It later appeared on several sites, from Instagram to Facebook and Twitter, as a humorous image macro, with situational captions.

“I’m About to End This Man’s Whole Career” can be encountered in a wide array of contexts, as a reaction image and GIF as well.

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