What does Interdasting mean?

Interdasting is an internet slang term⁣ that comes from the deliberate misspelling of the word “interesting”, similar to Edumacation.

It is used to express⁤ a sense ‌of intrigue, amusement, or surprise ⁢about something, all while keeping an aura of lighthearted humor. For‌ those who ‍find regular old “interesting” a tad mundane, “Interdasting” adds ⁣a touch of mischief and excitement to spice things up.

Online, it is often paired with various image macros, of either a person with down syndrome, lamenting, or people holding a cup of tea with their foot.


Person A: Did you know that cats can⁢ measure time⁤ with their whiskers?

Person B: Well, isn’t that interdasting!



What's the origin of Interdasting?

Although the exact origin of the “Interdasting” meme is not known, it began appearing on image macro memes, depicting people with down syndrome, visibly thinking.

One of the earliest meme was shared on KnowYourMeme in March 2012, depicting a thinking person with down syndrome, along with the captions “I bought some batteries, but they weren’t included… intredasting”.

Following this, several other memes of this template were shared on sites like iFunny and 9GAG.


Spread & Usage

How did Interdasting spread?

Later, various other, more politically correct renditions of “Interdasting” began circulating online, with most of them adopting the 2013 reaction image, the Thinking Foot, where a character is holding a cup of tea with their foot, while pondering.

Although several reaction images of this kind were shared online, none saw significant use, and so the expression began fading away.

While “Interdasting” is an interesting concept, it somehow went under the radar and did not conquer the internet, like many other memes did. It remains a rarely used, rarely referenced relic of a bygone age, that has since been deposed by the absurd humor of the Zoomers.

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