Kombucha Girl


What does Kombucha Girl mean?

The Kombucha Girl meme is the living embodiment of the indecisiveness that is unbridled in our world.

It is a TikTok video of a girl trying kombucha, which is fermented tea.

She changes her mind about the drink four times within fifteen seconds.

Kombucha Girl Meme


What's the origin of Kombucha Girl?

The meme appeared mid-2019, when TikTok user, brittanyt445 uploaded the clip of herself trying the drink, that became forever associated with her face.

The TikTok gained huge traction immediately and conquered the internet.

Spread & Usage

How did Kombucha Girl spread?

Not long after the initial upload of the video on TikTok, “Kombucha Girl” became viral, being reposted on YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, just to mention a few of the platforms it could be seen.

Brittany became so famous, that whenever she drinks in public, there is someone asking her to replicate her reaction to kombucha.

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