L + Ratio + You Fell Off


What does L + Ratio + You Fell Off mean?

L + Ratio + You fell off is the format of a phrasal template that derives from the fusion of multiple memes, namely The Ratio, don’t care didn’t ask plus you’re white, as well as others depending on the context.

Originally being a Twitter format, these memes started to circulate on the web both in text and image formats as reaction memes.


What's the origin of L + Ratio + You Fell Off?

The precursors of the meme had long been used as ironic replies on controversial statements both on Twitter and Reddit from 2017.

The first notable instance of the precursors being combined in one meme tracks back to 2021, when Reddit user Awesometwosme posted an edited version of the meme this is where I watched my parents die on the r/okbuddyretard board

Spread & Usage

How did L + Ratio + You Fell Off spread?

The format grew quickly in popularity among edgy meme creators, as it is naturally easy to combine with a multitude of different memes.

Besides Reddit and Twitter, the two platforms that featured most of the L + Ratio + You fell off variants, various YouTube video edits were also created during late 2021.

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