Laughs in Hidden


What does Laughs in Hidden mean?

Laughs in Hidden refers to a popular reaction image macro series, depicting a person with an unrevealed dark face, similar to the one seen on the I Fear No Man meme.

Online, it is used as a way of expressing a restrained sneer, opposed to the Leonardo DiCaprio Laughing template.


What's the origin of Laughs in Hidden?

While the exact origins of the “Laughs in hidden” image macro is a mystery, one of the earliest uploads, featuring the phrase was uploaded to on October 7th, 2016.

Within a few weeks, the image macro template spread to numerous other sites, including iFunny and 9GAG.

Spread & Usage

How did Laughs in Hidden spread?

While “Laughs in hidden” didn’t become a pivotal piece in the history of memes, it still garnered a large following, as it spread across various websites in the later years of the 2010’s.

It surfaced on sites, ranging from 9GAG to Imgur to Tumblr as well as Reddit.

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