Leonardo DiCaprio Laughing


What does Leonardo DiCaprio Laughing mean?

Leonardo DiCaprio Laughing refers to an image macro of the character Calvin Candie, played by the aforementioned world famous actor in the 2012 Tarantino film, Django Unchained.

The macro depicts the character laughing, with a glass of wine in his hand.


What's the origin of Leonardo DiCaprio Laughing?

The face appeared before audiences in 2012, when Django Unchained was presented to the world.

It took the scene five years, until it was first used on the internet, as a reaction image; its first use can be traced back to Tumblr, where a few users were talking about how German was almost adopted as the official language of America.

One of the users expressed, how they wished it was French, to which another user, with the name schuetzengrabenmints replied with “Get a load of this tumblr user. FRENCH!” and the first instance of “Leonardo DiCaprio Laughing”, holding a Monster energy drink, instead of wine.

Spread & Usage

How did Leonardo DiCaprio Laughing spread?

The image macro appeared again in January, 2020 in a Reddit post, and by August, 2020 it started to appear in more and more memes, both on Reddit and later on other sites, with meme-centered content.

The image macro had become one of the most iconic memes of 2020, by the end of August and it surfaced on every platform, people use to get their daily dose of memes, including Facebook and Instagram meme pages and groups.

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