Mario Bros Views


What does Mario Bros Views mean?

Mario Bros Views is an exploitable meme, which poses the question “What are the Mario Bros Views on…” certain widely debated subjects.

Mario is known to give rational, well thought out explanations for his opinions, while Luigi usually gives voice to irrational, extreme and rhyming thoughts.

What are the Mario Bros views on template meme


What's the origin of Mario Bros Views?

The first instance of the meme appeared on Reddit in June 20th, 2018, by Gina_Rolinu, asking what the “Mario Bros views” were on abortion.

Mario goes into detail on why life is sacred, while Luigi be like ‘Yeetus dat Fetus!’.

Spread & Usage

How did Mario Bros Views spread?

The meme template instantly became a popular one on Reddit, with newer and newer iterations always pushing Luigi toward a more radical, racist, hateful and violent position.

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