Fetus Deletus


What does Fetus Deletus mean?

Fetus deletus is a fan made Harry Potter spell, designed for performing a magical abortion, by the flick of the wand, literally deleting the fetus.

Its simplicity and ingenuity of modification to make it rhyme make it an outstanding spell, to be memorized by all wizards and witches, who plan on venturing out into the forbidden woods, unprotected.

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What's the origin of Fetus Deletus?

The phrase’s origins are shrouded in the mysterious clouds of the magical past, but it most likely emerged from the Harry Potter craze in the 1990’s and early 2000’s.

The fan made spell was formed from the phrase “delete fetus” by simply switching the position of the two words and equipping “delete” with the suffix –us, to give it a taste of Latin, as well as making it rhyme with the word fetus.

The first time the expression was defined on Urban Dictionary was in 2007, followed by the interpretations of many others in later years.

Spread & Usage

How did Fetus Deletus spread?

The expression gained prominence through the various memes it had been featured in, seeing as how in today’s culture, excessive unprotected sex may often result in an unwanted child, making it a popular theme on social media platforms.

Viral videos, as well as memes, and discussions all feature the phrase from sites such as Reddit, YouTube or Facebook.

A derivate of the phrase is yeetus deletus, made for deleting the yeet of someone.

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