Me and the boys


What does Me and the boys mean?

The phrase “Me and the boys” refers to an image macro/meme which is used when talking about various activities.

Originally it was used on social media sites like Twitter as a hashtag and non-ironic caption, but in early 2019 it gained a huge boost in popularity, thanks to websites like Reddit, Instagram and 9gag where the pictures from the 60’s Spiderman cartoon villains and their variations made it famous around the internet.

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What's the origin of Me and the boys?

The exact origin of the phrase is unknown, however on the internet it started to become popular in 2019.

The phrase/meme “Me and the boys” was already used a few years before its popularity on social media sites like, but people nowadays associate it with characters and pictures from the 60’s Spiderman cartoon.

Spread & Usage

How did Me and the boys spread?

“Me and the boys” is a very popular meme on social media sites like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Reddit and 9gag, all thanks to the funny and idiotic character art of the 60’s Spiderman cartoon villains photoshopped together.

Before settling in to what it is today, images were used mixed with characters from video games like “Super Mario Bros” and cartoons like “Jimmy Neutron” and “Ed, Edd and Eddy”, which all focused on team mates or friends, hence the term “me and the boys” was on point.

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