Mike Wazowski Explaining


What does Mike Wazowski Explaining mean?

Mike Wazowski explaining refers to a screenshot from the 2001 Monsters Inc. video game, Wreck Room Arcade in which the green character is seen grumbling to Sulley and Roz.

It became an object labeling meme online, revolving around the concept of explaining things to others.


What's the origin of Mike Wazowski Explaining?

The game Monsters Inc.: Wreck Room Arcade was released by Disney Interactive.

“Mike Wazowski explaining” is seen at the very beginning of the game, during the intro.

Spread & Usage

How did Mike Wazowski Explaining spread?

The meme appeared on Reddit in 2019, as an object labeling meme.

While the format didn’t take over the internet, as other Mike Wazowski memes, it still became a well endorsed format on the message board, with plenty of variations created, to please the average memer.

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