What does M’lady mean?

Although originally a term used by the lower class to address their social superiors, M’lady has since been co-opted by internet memers and Neckbeards. This particular phrase now conjures up images of overweight beta males sporting unflattering facial hair and fedoras.

The archetype of the “M’lady” man is someone who has given up on trying to be attractive or wealthy in order to win over women. Instead, he opts for chivalry as his weapon of choice – but unfortunately, this approach usually falls flat, leaving him labeled an Incel.


M’lady. (Animated)


What's the origin of M’lady?

In 2012, the “M’lady” meme was birthed on Reddit that would forever change internet culture. This term, coined in reference to chivalrous behavior known as White Knight tendencies, quickly spread like wildfire across various subreddits and even inspired YouTube videos showcasing such gentlemanly conduct.

It wasn’t long before this phenomenon gave rise to an iconic meme series featuring none other than a fedora-tipping man with a Neckbeard – an image so cringe-worthy it could make anyone’s skin crawl.

The first instance of this infamous picture graced the subreddit r/cringepics on November 12th, 2013.

Spread & Usage

How did M’lady spread?

The expression and internet meme is frequently utilized on various social media platforms, particularly those dedicated to memes. Its purpose? To mock men who adopt the chivalrous White Knight attitude in their pursuit of women, but still fail miserably.

Although “M’lady” is mostly intended as a humorous commentary, there are some males out there who genuinely believe that this approach might help them win over a woman with their gallant demeanor.

Although the trend was seriously embraced by only a slight minority, the meme managed to stay popular for several years in the 2010s, however, following 2015, the “M’lady” format eventually fell out of favor.

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