My Body Is Ready


What does My Body Is Ready mean?

My body is ready refers to a popular catchphrase, mostly associated with reaction image macros of people posing or looking in a creepy and badly seductive manner.

The expression is utilized similarly to the phrase Draw Me Like One of Your French Girls.

It is predominantly used to express excitement about an upcoming event like the release of a game or a premiere of a film.

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What's the origin of My Body Is Ready?

“My body is read” was first said publicly by Nintendo executive Reggie Fils-Aime at E3 in 2007, as him and Shigeru Miyamoto were presenting the Wii Fit to audiences.

Although the phrase was brushed off by the audience with an awkward laugh, it would later become a popular internet meme, though it needed an inoculation period of about three years.

Spread & Usage

How did My Body Is Ready spread?

“My body is ready” started emerging on a Heroes of Newerth forum in 2010, as users were expression their excitement for the upcoming E3 conference.

In June 2011, a Facebook page was launched, donning the catchphrase as its name.

“My body is ready” was first defined on Urban Dictionary in July 2011, with many other entries to follow.

In the following years, the line would be seen on image macros as well as GIFs, not to mention comments and posts on various websites ranging from Facebook to Twitter and Reddit.

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