No U Infinity


What does No U Infinity mean?

No u infinity is the further thought version of the term no u, a phrase that can be brought into connection with the reverse Uno card.

The difference is that instead of the Uno card concept, no u infinity has the theme of a Yu-Gi-Oh card.

It can be used as a tool for deflecting insults, and trolling back trolls on the internet. Contrary to the original no u meme, this reaction image does not leave the possibility for others to say back no u as a response.

This, however, has inspired many people to create counters for the card. This has eventually led the meme to become an exploitable.


What's the origin of No U Infinity?

We don’t have precise information of who was the original creator of the no u infinity card.

One of the early entries on the internet, which featured the meme, was an Imgur post from May 2018.

Spread & Usage

How did No U Infinity spread?

The meme became mildly popular on Reddit between the years 2018 and 2020.

Versions of no u infinity has been submitted to threads like /r/Funny and /r/Memes among others, but it couldn’t manage to properly break out onto other major platforms.

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