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What does No u mean?

The phrase No U is a popular meme and internet expression that has been used as a response to someone else’s comment or statement. It is a sarcastic way of implying that the original poster (OP) was wrong and/or foolish in their words, thus implying that they are an idiot. The phrase is can be accompanied by an image of a UNO Reverse Card, which further emphasizes the trolling nature of the message.

In short, when someone replies with “No U” it means they are turning the tables on the OP and pointing out that the comment applies more to themselves than anyone else. As such, it is an effective way of trolling a troll.


I found it! The card the GOP and right wing hogs play to everything


What's the origin of No u?

We can trace the origin of this phrase back to the early 2000s. It was first used in forums on Something Awful, a website known for its sarcastic and cutting humor, as well as its heated arguments between users. It soon spread to other sites and became a popular meme.

“No U” has been seen as a clever way to turn any insult back around on the person who said it, making it a kind of trump card for online arguments. The phrase quickly gained traction and spread until it reached the mainstream and entered common usage across many different platforms.

“No U” isn’t just limited to the internet, either – even kindergartners know how to use it! This phrase is so ingrained in our culture that it can be used in almost any situation and still have the desired effect.

Spread & Usage

How did No u spread?

“No U” became a common occurrence on internet forums and message boards by the end of the 2000s, getting everyone online well acquainted with the phrase. It is an easy to use and effective tool to fool trolls, attempting to test one’s patience.

The phrase was defined on Urban Dictionary as early as 2006, with a plethora of entries following in the subsequent years.

In 2019, a series of crossover memes were created, using “No U” and the rising UNO Reverse Card meme, expanding the arsenal of internet dwellers against trolls.

Today, “No U” is still a classic, appearing as the captions of reaction image macros, GIFs, as well as YouTube parodies, not to mention chats, comments and forums.

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