Now Kith


What does Now Kith mean?

Now kith refers to a variant of the now kiss meme, depicting an image macro of professional boxer Mike Tyson holding two doves in his hands, paired with the caption “now kith”.

The captions are a humorous take on the widely known lisp of the boxing legend.

Now Kith


What's the origin of Now Kith?

The precursor meme of “now kith” is now kiss, a rage comic panel, depicting Fap Guy making two characters kiss.

The original now kiss panel first emerged on a comic from FunnyJunk in 2010.

“Now kith” featuring Mike Tyson first emerged in 2012, although the exact location where it was first posted is not known.

Spread & Usage

How did Now Kith spread?

Over the 2010’s, the image macro had spread on to numerous platforms like MemeCenter, and 9GAG.

Later, several variants and edits of the meme have been created and uploaded to sites like Reddit, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, parodying the lisp of Mike Tyson.

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