Now Kiss


What does Now Kiss mean?

Now kiss refers to a line from a popular webcomic, where a stick figure is pushing the heads of two other characters towards each other, while displaying the face known from Rage Comics.

The meme is related in theme to the What if We Kissed meme, although it doesn’t make the process look like it would end with a Chef’s Kiss, rather a Glasgow Kiss.

Now kiss


What's the origin of Now Kiss?

The MS Paint webcomic where the “Now Kiss” panel was first drawn, was shared on FunnyJunk by KingGawjuss, with the title Principal Creepy on February 16th, 2010.

Rage Comics quickly adopted the face of the principal, where he became known as Fap Guy.

Spread & Usage

How did Now Kiss spread?

“Now Kiss” started appearing as a reaction image, along with images of attractive women as well as fanart featuring fictional characters in June 2011.

The meme was frequent in the early 2010’s on sites like Reddit, Facebook, Tumblr, as well as 9GAG, FunnyJunk and, although its popularity decreased significantly since the dusk of Rage Comics.

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