Now, this is Epic


What does Now, this is Epic mean?

Now, this is epic refers to a popular skit, performed by VoicoverPete at the end of a video, urging “libtards” to share credit card details online.

Online, the portion of the skit, containing the line “Now, this is epic” has been used as a reaction video for Epic Gamer Moments.

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What's the origin of Now, this is Epic?

“Now, this is epic” was preceded by a Tweet, shared by Ben Shapiro on Twitter in December 2017, in response to President Trump’s tweet about cutting aid to countries, that opposed the Jerusalem decision.

Shapiro responded with “Okay, this is epic” which gained popularity and spread online in the form of screenshots.

In October 2018, VoiceoverPete gained popularity through producing videos on Fiverr, urging various groups to share their credit card numbers.

In one such instance, he is addressing “libtards” to help Ben Shapiro get his location through sharing credentials, with Kernkraft 400 Sports Remix playing, and a Doge pattern displayed at the background.

At the end of the video, he utters the line “Now, this is epic”.

The video was uploaded to YouTube by MrPowerHD on October 31st, 2018.

Spread & Usage

How did Now, this is Epic spread?

“Now, this is epic” became popular rapidly, with isolated clips of the line appearing on YouTube, as well as GIFs and image macros emerging on sites like Reddit and Twitter.

However, the virality of “Now, this is epic” died down rather quickly, only to resurge in June 2020, sprawling up on various social media sites once again.

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