Obama Prism


What does Obama Prism mean?

The term Obama Prism (also known as Obamium or Obama Pyramid) refers to a series of memes that contemplate the idea of a new chemical component or structure with the involvement of former U.S. president Barack Obama. The meme has taken many forms throughout the years, from animated GIFs to even music adaptation parodies.

The meaning of “Obama Prism” can be interpreted in many ways. Some see it as an analogy for the way Obama is able to break down barriers and bring together different groups and perspectives. Others see it as a reference to Obama’s ability to see things from different perspectives and work towards a solution that benefits everyone.


What's the origin of Obama Prism?

The origin of the phrase “Obama Prism” is yet to be confirmed, however, the first traceable evidence leads back to an iFunny post from 2019. This initial post was, ironically, submitted by a user named Barack, and it featured an animated GIF of Barack Obama’s portrait, stretched out, so it would constitute the cloak of a geometric prism shape.

Spread & Usage

How did Obama Prism spread?

Within weeks, variations of the “Obama Prism” meme started popping up on various Reddit subs, especially r/okbuddyretard, and r/dankmemes. These were sometimes created as combinations of various meme formats, like the Finally, Watermelonium template. “Obama Prism” also spawned a lot of other memes, where the photo of Barack Obama is projected on to various 3D geometrical shapes.

A trap song titled Obama Prism was also created by Iceboy Ben, who released the track on January 29th, 2020. Since then, both the song and the meme has garnered the attention of dank meme enjoyers.

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