Obama Prism


What does Obama Prism mean?

Obama Prism (also known as Obamium or Obama Pyramid) refers to a series of memes that contemplate the idea of a new chemical component or structure with the involvement of former U.S. president Barack Obama.

The meme was given many forms throughout the years, from animated gifs to even music adaptation parodies.


What's the origin of Obama Prism?

The original creator of the Obama Prism is yet to be confirmed, however, the first traceable evidence leads back to an iFunny post from 2019.

This initial post was, ironically, submitted by a user named Barack, and it featured an animated GIF of Barack Obama’s portrait, stretched out, so it would constitute the cloak of a geometric prism shape.

Spread & Usage

How did Obama Prism spread?

The Obama Prism-themed meme initially started to spread on Reddit. The first popular meme on the site was in relation with another well-known format, the Finally Xium meme.

Later the format had seen a mild spread on Instagram, between the end of 2019 and 2020.

A hip hop cover of Obama Prism was posted on YouTube in January 2020 and has generated over 150.000 plays since.

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