Oh No Gibbly Didn’t Like That


What does Oh No Gibbly Didn’t Like That mean?

Oh no, Gibby didn’t like that is an image macro of the character Gibby from the popular American youth TV show iCarly. The image of Gibby is used as a reaction meme, usually to impress disappointment or distaste.

Most memes of this kind also feature a bottom text where the author asks the other parties to remove a post, or suffer the consequences. Gibby’s eyes are also usually photo-edited to a dark-red color, and the texts on the image macro are usually consisting of several different font styles.


What's the origin of Oh No Gibbly Didn’t Like That?

The teen sitcom iCarly launched in 2007 on the channel Nickelodeon and saw 4 seasons, which were a huge success among teenagers, and is still held in high regard.

One of the iconic characters of the show was the two protagonists Carly and Sam’s classmate Gibby. He didn’t appear much throughout the series until season 4, when he became a breakout character and was given part in the main storyline.

The ever-growing iCarly fandom always had tendencies of creating memes with Gibby in the focus, so it is not a surprise that the Oh no, Gibby didn’t like that meme format only started to make appearances as late as 2019 on Reddit.

Spread & Usage

How did Oh No Gibbly Didn’t Like That spread?

The original reaction meme is believed to have started to spread in /r/icarly, with the following text on the image: “Oh no! Gibby didn’t like that. Please delete your post or Gibby will delete your kneecaps”.

This image then started to circulate outside of Reddit, on platforms like Instagram or Twitter, and the template was added to the database of Me.me and other meme-sharing websites.

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