Oh, Worm?


What does Oh, Worm? mean?

Oh, Worm? is a misspelling of “Oh, Word?”, which basically means “oh, really?”.

The expression could also be used to describe the relatability of something that someone else has said.

The “Oh, Worm?” meme was first noticed on Tumblr after appearing on a so-called advice animal photo, where “Oh, Word?” is a commonly used caption.

Oh, Worm? is a popular meme caption, that has gained popularity online‌ during the mid-2010s. It⁢ is often ‍used as a reaction to ⁤something unexpected, bizarre, or cringeworthy, misspelling the frequently encountered question “Oh, Word?”.

The phrase ​is typically exclaimed in a humorous ⁢and​ exaggerated manner, accompanied by a mix of amusement and⁤ disbelief. It has become a lighthearted way for people to express surprise or confusion​ in a comical ⁢way, alluding to the colloquialism Word To Your Mother.



What's the origin of Oh, Worm??

“Oh, Worm?” is a humorously misspelled variation of “Oh, Word?,” a popular expression, originating from African American Vernacular English, that was popularized by the rise of hip-hop in the 1990s and 2000s.

The meme itself started developping from an advice animal style reaction meme, depicting a school photo of basketball player Dwayne Wade.

Due to Wade‘s uncertain facial expression, the image quickly became popular with the usual caption, “Oh, Word?”. However, some other photos made in the template have been posted with a mispelled caption that reads, “Oh, Worm?”, marking the beginning of the meme.

One of those typos made it to Tumblr on September 19, 2016, when user Gwynndolin first shared it. Following that, the image macro started seeing more and more ironic uses on sites like Twitter, Tumblr and Facebook.

Spread & Usage

How did Oh, Worm? spread?

Thanks to the original Tumblr post, the meme eventually became quite successful online, spreading to a wide range of social media sites and meme platforms. The user 6thhouse on November 9th and November 10th, 2016 shared his posts, in which he was obsessing about the phrase and the meme.

However, in the first half of 2017 the text meme didn’t really spread so quickly, at least not within the Tumblr communities. Interest began picking up in summer, when a few popular text posts were circulating around. DeviantArt illustrations soon followed, with several worm depictions being paired with the ironic misspelling.

“Oh, Worm?” didn’t become a viral meme, being overshadowed by the elaborate shitposts, that took over the internet in 2017, like Beans and Looks Like You’re Going to the Shadow Realm, Jimbo.

Despite this, it is an interesting niche of internet culture, that is a perfect example of the great transition from advice-animal style memes to something more elaborate and ironic, defining our contemporary formats.

“Oh, Worm?” made somewhat of a comeback in the early 2020s, as TikToks began using it in titles, as well as videos themselves, proving that even a lesser-known meme can endure the passing of time.

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