Peach Time


What does Peach Time mean?

Peach time refers to a popular exploitable Rage Comic template, in which a character manifests a peach out of nothing, while saying “Peach time”.

The template was used online for the creation of various editions of the original meme, spawning comics like Burger time.

“Peach time” resembles in structure another viral meme, from the late 2010’s; Big Brain Time.

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What's the origin of Peach Time?

“Peach time” was first posted to Tumblr on May 16th, 2013, by ajaxdotcom, in the classic Rage Comic style.

By August 2013, the comic was reposted on the r/f7u12_ham subreddit by u/f7u12_hampton.

Spread & Usage

How did Peach Time spread?

Following 2013, variations and reposts of the original “Peach time” comic emerged on sites like Reddit, Tumblr as well as Imgur.

By 2015, the format was mixed with the Increasingly Verbose Memes template, appearing on Tumblr posts.

Tumblr remained the most popular place for the “Peach time” meme, with occasional posts appearing on 9GAG, Facebook, iFunny or Reddit.

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