Pedro Pascal Eating a Sandwich


What does Pedro Pascal Eating a Sandwich mean?

Pedro Pascal Eating a Sandwich, also known as Pedro Pascal Eating a Toast is one of the most popular Pedro Pascal Memes, which depicts the actor snaking on a Peanut Butter Jelly sandwich, while ruminating quietly.

The clip became viral on TikTok, which led users to turning it into a CapCut template (cut the background off, to combine it with different surroundings) and began using it as an exploitable meme.

“Pedro Pascal Eating a Sandwich” has since turned into a versatile meme, with various parts of the original video being used for unique purposes.


What's the origin of Pedro Pascal Eating a Sandwich?

The “Pedro Pascal Eating a Sandwich” meme comes from the YouTube video of LADBibleTV, titled “Pedro Pascal & Jon Favreau Compare American and Chilean Snacks | Snack Wars | @LADbible”, which was uploaded to the platform on March 1st, 2023.

At one point in the video, Pascal takes a bite of a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, while staring in front of himself. This later became the main template of the “Pedro Pascal Eating a Sandwich” meme, although at another moment, he spits out a cookie he dislikes, which was also turned into an exploitable meme.

The first TikTok meme, that used the content was shared by @getbybus on March 7th, 2023. It instantly became viral, garnering over a million views in ten days, while inspiring several other users to use the format.

Spread & Usage

How did Pedro Pascal Eating a Sandwich spread?

“Pedro Pascal Eating a Sandwich” became a viral meme in March 2023, with videos flooding TikTok with exploitable memes.

By the end of the month, various other versions began emerging, making use of the moment, Pascal spat out a bite of cookie, also using it as an exploitable, to express dislike towards something.

Although by the summer of 2023, the trend had already started to die down, some memes still emerge on TikTok, as well as YouTube and Twitter, however these are just the leftovers from a once viral online trend.


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