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What does Pedro Pascal Memes mean?

Pedro Pascal, the actor known for his roles in popular series like Game of Thrones and The Mandalorian has turned into a veritable internet sensation in the last few years, inspiring several memes on the internet.

The most popular of these “Pedro Pascal Memes” is the Pedro Pascal Crying video, where the actor is seen laughing hysterically, proceeding to break down in tears. The meme is reminiscent of the Crying Behind Mask format, however, the Pedro Pascal version is exclusively used in a GIF or video format, mostly on YouTube, or TikTok.

Another popular meme, featuring the actor is Pedro Pascal Eating a Sandwich. The meme consists of a video of the artist taking bites from a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, while staring in front of himself. The meme sometimes also includes a clip, where Pascal is spitting out a bite into a handkerchief. Both snippets are frequently used on TikTok and YouTube, as a reaction meme.

The third, and most recent of the “Pedro Pascal Memes” refers to the Pedro Pascal Driving aka. Make Your Own Kind of Music TikTok trend, where Pascal is seen driving and smiling ecstatically on Nicolas “Not The Bees!” Cage.

The actor was also a huge sensation on TikTok in the early months of 2023, following the premiere of “The Last of Us” series. Pedro Pascal edits swarmed the platform, depicting the artist in a series of epic and charming angles.

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What's the origin of Pedro Pascal Memes?

“Pedro Pascal Memes” have been around for almost a decade, with fans taking image macros and GIFs from scenes of Game of Thrones, featuring the actor, as early as 2014.  In the subsequent years, Pascal has played in popular series like Narcos, The Last of Us, as well as The Mandalorian, which earned him recognition in the fan bases of successful brands.

However, his first truly viral meme only emerged in 2020, when the Pedro Pascal Crying format began spreading, after an online performance for the Cape Cod Theater Project’s 2020 Benefit Reading Series. At one point in the performance, Pascal begins laughing hysterically, then breaks down in tears. Within a few months, an isolated clip of the moment was shared on YouTube, and it soon began appearing in various meme videos, both on YouTube and TikTok, as well as Reddit and 9GAG.

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How did Pedro Pascal Memes spread?

Since 2020, “Pedro Pascal Memes” have taken over the internet, with the fandoms of every show he’s involved in, sharing reaction image macros, GIFs and videos on Reddit, Instagram, YouTube, as well as TikTok.

2023 was an especially successful year for “Pedro Pascal Memes”, as even two viral memes, featuring the actor were spread on TikTok, and later the entire web. These memes are the Pedro Pascal Driving and the Pedro Pascal Eating a Sandwich formats, which appeared online in February and March, 2023, respectively. While both memes started out as TikTok videos, they were soon adopted as image macro memes as well, emerging on sites like Reddit, Instagram and 9GAG, as well as YouTube.

All in all, Pedro Pascal has turned into the new Keanu Reeves, it seems, as he’s become the new “Meme Daddy.” Meta memes about this transition are also rampant, as memes all across the web recognize the rising prominence and popularity of the actor. The question, however, remains, whether this is but a passing trend of the internet, that will soon be forgotten, or something everlasting, that will stand the test of time.

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