The Peepee Poopoo Man


What does The Peepee Poopoo Man mean?

The individual known as The Peepee Poopoo Man is not a figment of our imagination, but rather an actual person who roamed around Toronto with reckless abandon.

This miscreant allegedly assaulted multiple individuals by hurling excrement and urine at them before being apprehended, thinking he was playing Call of Doodoo: Advanced Poopoo.

In addition to this bizarre criminal, “Peepee Poopoo” has become somewhat of a catchphrase used for derision in online forums and discussions.

As if that weren’t enough infamy for one lifetime, “The Peepee Poopoo Man” was even turned into a meme thanks to some clever editing involving “The Bye Bye Man” movie poster – now rebranded as “The Peepee Poopoo Man”.

The peepee poopoo man


What's the origin of The Peepee Poopoo Man?

The initial act of fecal flinging by the true culprit occurred within the confines of John P. Robarts Library, where the man viciously attacked a woman and doused her with liquid excrement as recently as November 2016.

This unsavory character continued to engage in similar acts until earning himself an infamous moniker – “The Peepee Poopoo Man”.

In late 2016, Twitter user @krisstraub contributed to “The Bye Bye Man” meme frenzy by sharing his own clever rendition of the poster on social media.

Spread & Usage

How did The Peepee Poopoo Man spread?

The meme enjoyed its moment in the sun on social media platforms back in 2017, but soon plummeted into obscurity.

Yet another blip was observed towards the end of 2019 when a certain fecal assailant wreaked havoc and prompted an upsurge in online searches for their name, however, since then, the legend of “The Peepee Poopoo Man” has died down.

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