Call of Doodoo: Advanced Poopoo


What does Call of Doodoo: Advanced Poopoo mean?

Call of Doodoo: Advanced Poopoo refers to a fictional Call of Duty game, featured in photoshop memes, similar to Waluigi’s Taco Stand and Call of Gruty.

Hey I remember this game


What's the origin of Call of Doodoo: Advanced Poopoo?

The first edit of “Call of Doodoo: Advanced Poopoo” is credited to u/Luke_be_cool on Reddit in the earliest post, that contained the joke, uploaded by u/Logelirim on September 16th, 2019, amassing a Noice number of 69 upvotes as of December 30th, 2021.

Spread & Usage

How did Call of Doodoo: Advanced Poopoo spread?

Within a few days, “Call of Doodoo: Advanced Poopoo” was reposted on sites like, iFunny and various other subreddits.

The meme, however started taking off in October 2019, shortly after the YouTube upload of degebs on October 11th, depicting a physical copy of the game, shared with the title “I GOT CALL OF DOO DOO ADVANCED POO POO EARLY”.

The meme would later appear on other sites, including Imgur, DeviantArt and Twitter.

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