Raid: Shadow Legends


What does Raid: Shadow Legends mean?

Raid: Shadow Legends refers to a popular fantasy RPG game, both for PC and mobile.

While the game itself retains some level of popularity, it became notorious for its massive advertisement campaign on YouTube, where creators are making sure You Got Games On Your Phone, by promoting the software.


What's the origin of Raid: Shadow Legends?

“Raid: Shadow Legends” was developed by C.R. Monk and was released by Plarium Games on August 2nd, 2018.

The game got good ratings from the start, with critics praising its unique, grim style, great graphics and the variety found among the plethora of playable characters.

Spread & Usage

How did Raid: Shadow Legends spread?

“Raid: Shadow Legends” however gained its true legendary status thanks to the publisher’s massive initiative to advertise the game through YouTube content creators.

This has been steadily emerging since May 2019, as established League of Legends streamers and other gaming channels started featuring the game in their videos.

By October 2019, the phenomenon had become so unavoidable, that a parody commercial was uploaded to YouTube by Foekoe on October 11th, 2019, under the title No I don’t want to play Raid Shadow Legends.

By the arrival of 2020, the phenomenon grew so large, that image macros swiftly surfaced on Reddit, Twitter and 9GAG, making fun of the situation.

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