Refuses to Elaborate Further


What does Refuses to Elaborate Further mean?

Refuses to elaborate further refers to a popular copypasta meme format, which presents the story of a person interrupting a conversation with a controversial statement, without clarifying their reasoning.

The copypasta is mostly seen with an image macro of male model Batyr Suleymanov.


What's the origin of Refuses to Elaborate Further?

The origin of the “Refuses to elaborate further” meme can be traced to an iFunny post shared on February 26th, 2021, by Armory.

The post contained a screen capture of a Discord post, describing a person, randomly entering a conversation “blaming the Jews” and refusing to elaborate further.

This description was paired with an image macro, depicting Batyr Suleymanov, also referred to as GigaChad 2.

Spread & Usage

How did Refuses to Elaborate Further spread?

An edit of the meme was reposted on Reddit’s r/PoliticalCompassMemes sub on February 27th, 2021, by user Cyan-Ghost.

Within the following days, the “Refuses to elaborate further” template was used to create a meme, presenting different alignments on the Political Compass.

By March, 2021, the meme would appear on numerous Facebook sites and groups, including Chadposting.

By summer, 2021, “Refuses to elaborate further” memes were a reoccurring sight on sites, like Twitter, Reddit, Instagram, iFunny and Facebook.

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