What does GigaChad mean?

GigaChad is an online slang term used to describe an idealized concept of what a man should be. The term ⁣”Giga” is derived⁢ from the Greek word‌ “gigas,” which means giant or immense, while ⁣”Chad” ⁣is a name commonly associated with⁤ strong and dominant males (aka. Alpha Males), appearing in meme series like Yes Chad and Chad vs Virgin. When combined, “GigaChad” represents the epitome of masculinity, ‌embodying‌ superior ‌physical attributes, confidence, and social prowess.

The term is especially prevalent and popular among Incel communities and sites, where it is predominantly used as an image macro meme, depicting photoshopped images of Ernest Khalimov.



What's the origin of GigaChad?

The meme emerged after posts, depicting Ernest Khalimov on the @sleekntears Instagram page was shared on the r/bodybuilding Reddit in October, 2017. Two days after the Reddit share, a photo of Khalimov was shared on the /pol board of 4chan, where he was first referred to as “GigaChad”.

Following this, posts of the Russian model would appear on online forums and sites like Reddit and Imgur, all calling the man “GigaChad,” associating him with superior masculinity, resemling the Chad Thundercock meme format.

Spread & Usage

How did GigaChad spread?

Following 2018, Khalimov would be featured on memes, including reaction images as well as image macros on Reddit and various other sites, becoming the idealized form of masculinity.

Starting in March, 2021, “GigaChad” would be part of the Average Fan vs. Average Enjoyer meme format, emerging in YouTube montages and image macros on Reddit, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

Despite the passing of time, “GigaChad” is still a popular format, appearing in comparison memes, reaction images, as well as YouTube videos, revolving around the topic of masculinity.

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