Remove Kebab


What does Remove Kebab mean?

Remove Kebab, also referenced as Serbia Strong is a nationalistic Serbian song from the Yugoslav Wars, revering the then president of Seriba, Radovan Karadžić.

Originally the song was titled “Karadžić, Lead your Serbs”.

The song itself is not very welcome in its place of origin, the Balkans, however globally it is well in favor, especially in alt-right and nationalistic circles, which refer to the ethnic cleansing of Muslims as “kebab removal”.

Remove Kebab


What's the origin of Remove Kebab?

The song was created in the war-torn area of former Yugoslavia, during the 1990’s.

The various musicians, performing the musical piece state, that the clip was shot near the Croatian city of Knin, although the date varies.

The keyboardist of the song recalls the year of the production to be 1995, however the singer stated, that it was created in 1993.

Spread & Usage

How did Remove Kebab spread?

Various videos were uploaded to YouTube between 2006 and 2010, both parodies and other clips, containing footage from the original content.

In 2019, a bloody massacre took place in Christchurch, New Zealand leaving 49 dead and 20 injured.

The mass shooting was livestreamed by the shooter on Facebook and during the atrocity, the song “Remove Kebab” as well as the Initial D song Gas Gas Gas was playing in the background.

In the same year, following the massacre, YouTube had removed the “Remove Kebab (perfect loop)” video, which amassed over 9 million views while it was available.

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