Rock Eyebrow Raise


What does Rock Eyebrow Raise mean?

Rock Eyebrow Raise refers to a popular reaction video and GIF series, featuring prominent WWE wrestler Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, raising his right eyebrow.

There are countless variations to the meme, as the “Rock Eyebrow Raise” is a signature move for the actor. Online, the GIF began spreading in March 2021, and gained wider popularity in September that year, and it has been in use since then.

The reaction video is mostly used with a Vine Thud sound effect, in response to Sus statements or activity on social media sites.


What's the origin of Rock Eyebrow Raise?

The “Rock Eyebrow Raise” has been a part of the wrestler’s image for a large duration of his wrestling career, displaying it, as he was smacking Jabronis.

In 1998 he even made a reference to Mohammed Ali, dubbing the eyebrow “The People’s Eyebrow.” Following the start of his career in the movie industry, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson kept making this iconic expression even in his films.

A recent footage, that was memed by the internet comes from an October 2019 Instagram video, where he shouts out rapper DaBabyfor being referenced in one of his songs. Following this, people started using the video on Instagram as a reaction meme, combining it with funny captions.

However, the true kickstarter of the “Rock Eyebrow Raise” meme came in February 2021, where The Rock posted a video on his instagram, doing the eyebrow raise.

Spread & Usage

How did Rock Eyebrow Raise spread?

By March 2021, the “Rock Eyebrow Raise” video was combined with the Vine Thud sound effect, and was in full swing on TikTok, appearing in a wide range of memes.

The meme became a favorite in 2021, spreading to the most popular meme sites online, including TikTokInstagram, YouTube, iFunny, as well as Twitter and Reddit. Even in 2023, the format remains a popualr reaction video in meme compilations and trash videos, with an established spot in internet culture.

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