She Doesn’t Even Go Here


What does She Doesn’t Even Go Here mean?

She doesn’t even go here is a reaction meme that features a young man wearing a gray hoodie and sunglasses.

The meme refers to a scene featured in the 2004 youth comedy movie Mean Girls.

On the internet, this meme most often occurs in a GIF format, but image macros are also a common form for it.

She doesn’t even go here is commonly used to refer to situations, where somebody (real-life person or fictive character) doesn’t fit a certain context, but it can also express hostility, or lack of agreement.

She doesn’t even go here


What's the origin of She Doesn’t Even Go Here?

Mean Girls is a 2004 teenage comedy movie.

The film’s plot heavily relies and revolves around the topic of high school bullying, social hierarchy system in public education, and the phenomenon of cliques.

During the scene from which the original GIF was taken, we can see the students of North Shore High School gathering in the school hall, alongside some of the teachers.

As one of the students breaks out in tears as she tries to read out her thoughts and feelings to the crowd.

Damian Leigh, one of the main characters, shouts “She doesn’t even go here” at the middle of the monologue, unveiling the fact that the girl is in fact not enrolled in that school.

Spread & Usage

How did She Doesn’t Even Go Here spread?

The meme is most recognized among fans of the Mean Girls movie.

Images and GIFs of she doesn’t even go here mostly spread on platforms like Pinterest or Tenor.

These memes eventually surfaced on as well, and the format have also been added as a template to Memegenerator.

In 2009, the short clip of the scene was uploaded on YouTube by the channel hrypotrfreek, and has generated over 3.5 million views over the years.

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