She’s Right You Know


What does She’s Right You Know mean?

She’s right you know, also encountered as he’s right you know is a popular reaction image online, used for supporting the opinion or claims of other users.

The image macro depicts Morgan Freeman raising his finger with a slight smile, captioned with the words “She’s right you know”.

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What's the origin of She’s Right You Know?

The exact origin of the meme is unknown, although the template had emerged on sites like 9GAG and iFunny as early as 2012.

The text, as well as the image macro is used to signify support toward a person or even an unpopular opinion online.

Spread & Usage

How did She’s Right You Know spread?

“She’s right you know” would become a popular reaction image over the years, frequently reoccurring on websites, related to or completely revolving around memes.

These include 9GAG, iFunny, FunnyJunk as well as Reddit, Twitter and Facebook, just to mention a few.

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