Shut up and take my money


What does Shut up and take my money mean?

Shut up and take my money is the catchphrase, originating from from the TV series, Futurama.

It is used in relation to products or investments that people may approve of.

The phrase is mostly seen on the image macro of the protagonist of the series, Fry, where he is grabbing a bunch of money.

Shut up and take my money


What's the origin of Shut up and take my money?

The third episode of season 6, in which we encounter the sentence, aired in 2010 with the title “Attack of the Killer App”.

In it we see Fry trying to buy the newly released “eyePhone”, a parody of iPhone. When the cashier is explaining the issues the phone tends to have, Fry reacts with reaching for his cash and saying the catchphrase.

The next day, the meme was already uploaded on the German tech blog Crackajack, in a post about the episode.

Spread & Usage

How did Shut up and take my money spread?

Shut up and take my money has spread steadily on the internet to be used on every message board and meme site, as a reaction to something desirable.

It is seen on sites like Tumblr, Reddit, 9gag and Facebook, either in its form as an image macro, or as the standalone phrase.

Urban Dictionary added a definition on the phrase in 2012.

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