Silence Brand


What does Silence Brand mean?

Silence brand is a reaction image that sprouted out of an exploitable meme that is known as shut up, liberal. The image features what appears to be a king crab firing a laser beam out of his eyes onto another crustacean, covered with poorly edited blast effects.

The meme was created to mock big franchise company accounts on Twitter, because these accounts have tendencies to post cringeworthy memes as their content in order to appear more relatable to Millenials and Gen-Z people.


What's the origin of Silence Brand?

The origin meme shut up liberal started to appear on the internet circa 2016, on Twitter.

It had many forms, but the standard key feature to it was to portray a character that has glowing eyes or shoots something out of his face in a menacing manner. These memes were used both by conservatives and ironically by far-leftists.

The silence brand edit started to gain traction in 2090 after it was brought in relation with a Twitter post of the account of Mr. Peanut. The brand made an effort to post a meme but it got humiliated by the Twitter community instead.

Spread & Usage

How did Silence Brand spread?

Since its debut, silence brand has never ceased to be a popular way to roast big companies on Twitter. It has become a primary tool to fight the pretentious efforts of big brands, efforts that bear a lot of similarities to the meme how do you do fellow kids.

An example for the meme appearing on other platforms would be a post on Reddit’s /r/FellowKids from late 2019, when user GodIsDead_ captioned a screenshot of a Mr. Peanut Twitter post as the following: “silence, brand”.

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