Slaps Roof Of Car


What does Slaps Roof Of Car mean?

Slaps roof of car is a meme template expression that features a drawn image of a conversation between a car salesman and a customer.

Slaps roof of car is the starter sentence of the meme, regularly followed by this formula: “This bad boy can fit so much X in it”.

Oftentimes the car in the image is to be replaced by something that is in relation with whatever X is in the sentence.


What's the origin of Slaps Roof Of Car?

The original idea derives from a tweet from 2014. The tweet was submitted by user OBiiieeee, featuring a made-up quote from a Car Salesman, who is saying: “*slaps roof of car* this bad boy can fit so much **** spaghetti in it.

Spread & Usage

How did Slaps Roof Of Car spread?

This was a trending template on Twitter after the tweet was posted, with various implementations of the imaginary scenario. It did not take long until it had gotten accompanied by a car salesman stock image, that eventually got re-drawn, and thus gave birth to the classic meme template that we know today.

Slaps roof of the had also gained popularity on various Reddit threads from 2017, as well as on Instagram, until 2019, when it’s popularity has started to decline.

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