Sneak 100


What does Sneak 100 mean?

Sneak 100 is the most popular skill from the Skyrim skill tree meme series, some of which include Speech 100 and the fanmade Wholesome 100.

It is usually photoshopped on to pictures or texts that involve someone having great skills at sneaking, both as a sincere and ironic reaction to one’s elusiveness.

“Sneak 100” remains a popular meme, even a decade after the release of “The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim,” appearing on sites like Reddit, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and Tumblr.

Sneak 100


What's the origin of Sneak 100?

The screenshots for the image macro series come from the 2011 roleplaying videogame, The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim,” where players are able to invest in their character’s skills on a sky, filled with various constellations. Players have several skills they can choose from to level up, including the Sneak, Speech, One-Handed as well as Illusion skills, all of which are popular meme material online.

The first meme that involved a screenshot from the Skyrim skill tree was uploaded to Reddit by Autistic_Spinning on June 18th, 2017.

Spread & Usage

How did Sneak 100 spread?

Following June, 2017, memes like “Sneak 100” started flooding the internet, photoshopped on to screenshots of chat conversations, news articles as well as game screenshots, frequently appearin on sites like Instagram, Facebook, Reddit, Twitter and Tumblr.

“Sneak 100” was first defined on Urban Dictionary in 2019, which further increased its recognition online.

As of 2023, the use of the Skyrim skill memes has become limited, although the odd image macro still appears online every now and then.

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