Wholesome 100


What does Wholesome 100 mean?

Wholesome 100 refers to a popular catchphrase, often depicted on reaction image macros, created in the style of Skyrim skill memes, like Sneak 100.

Online, the meme has been mostly used in an ironic manner, reacting to profane or straight up nonsensical texts, in a similar manner to This Is So Sad Alexa Play Despacito.


What's the origin of Wholesome 100?

While the exact origin of “Wholesome 100” is not known, the meme itself is closely linked to the popular subreddit r/wholesomememes which launched on September 17th, 2016.

The meme’s popularity started rising in early 2019, with a Reddit post titled “Wholesome 100” shared by u/fxt3i in April being one of the first occurrences.

Spread & Usage

How did Wholesome 100 spread?

“Wholesome 100” gained great prominence during the summer of 2019, following the E3 conference of that year, which gave us memes like You’re Breathtaking and Mini Keanu Reeves, both of which are tied closely to the titular format.

The popularity of “Wholesome 100” peaked in early 2020, with numerous image macro memes referring to it emerging on various subreddits, like r/memes, r/wholesomememes as well as sites like Facebook, Instagram and 9GAG.

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