Sonic Adventure Pose


What does Sonic Adventure Pose mean?

Sonic Adventure Pose refers to a frequently parodied and memed pose, originating from the 1998 issue of the Sonic video game series; “Sonic Adventure.”

Online, the pose is often featured on image macros and artist renditions of various fictional characters, turning the pose into a popular meme in the 2010s.


Sonic Adventure pose (render)


What's the origin of Sonic Adventure Pose?

The “Sonic Adventure Pose” comes from the 1998 release of the Sonic video game series, titles “Sonic Adventure.” The game was released on December 28th, 1998, with the front cover featuring the legendary pose of Sonic the Hedgehog.

The pose was even featured as an easter egg in the 2011 “Sonic Generations” video game. Despite this, the pose didn’t begin to be featured on artist depictions of other characters until 2016.

Although the exact origin of the trend is not known, a prominent post comes from Tumblr user robbonp, who posed the philosophical question of “what if Mario was extremely egotistical and Sonic was more modest?”, followed by a digital art of Mario doing the “Sonic Adventure Pose.”

Spread & Usage

How did Sonic Adventure Pose spread?

Following the post of robbonp, artist renditions of cartoon and video game characters performing the “Sonic Adventure Pose” grew exponentially, mostly on sites like DeviantArt, Imgur and Tumblr.

Images also started spreading and circulating on social media sites like Reddit, and Twitter.

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