What does Spoderman mean?

The meaning of the term “Spoderman” is very contextual as it can resemble multiple things.

“Spoderman” is look like if a 7-year-old poorly drawn Spiderman straight in Microsoft Paint.

The context is usually in based on its appearance can be very disturbing with poor grammar and looks.

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What's the origin of Spoderman?

The first time this was mentioned on the internet which caught the eye of users, but not in its future context, was an entry on a website, which was selling a Spiderman cape for kids.

This was most likely a typo, but the first recorded mention. The now infamous drawing itself, was uploaded to the internet in 2012, to the website called FunnyJunk, where its journey around the internet began.

Spread & Usage

How did Spoderman spread?

After the image was posted, people did what they do best on the internet and started shitposting under it with intentional misspelling of character names to reflect on the bootleg appearance of Spiderman.

Things go out of hand quickly and “Spoderman” appeared in a “Dolan” comic for the first time, then went on to be frequently featured.

Its peak was, when the meme got featured in the video called “The Uncle Dolan Show” uploaded to YouTube. This has sparked very high search interest for the name “Spoderman”.

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