Stitch Incoming


What does Stitch Incoming mean?

Stitch Incoming is a popular expression on TikTok, used to signify that the starting clip of the video is stitched to the original content of the creator. The phrase is mostly used as a hook to keep viewers watching, in order to find out the reaction of the original creator to the stitch they have attached.

The stitch function is similar to duett on TikTok, with the exception that the two videos are not shown at the same time, rather they are shown separately, enabling creators to create different types of videos, using the material of other users.

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What's the origin of Stitch Incoming?

The stitch function on TikTok has been around for quite a while, first added to the platform in September 2020, although it has been tested prior to that.

Users have been utilizing this function ever since then, although the “Stitch Incoming” caption didn’t appear on the videos yet, as it was later discovered as a valid method of keeping the attention of viewers.

Spread & Usage

How did Stitch Incoming spread?

Although it is not known, who used the “Stitch Incoming” caption for the first time, however, videos with the caption have been emerging on TikTok in bigger numbers in 2021.

Stitch videos have been gaining more and more ground after 2021, and as of 2023, it is rare to see a single stitch video, lacking the “Stitch Incoming” captions.

Overall, the captions are an ingenious way of keeping viewers on your video, before they scroll on to the next one.

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