That’s A Lotta Damage


What does That’s A Lotta Damage mean?

That’s a lotta damage relates to a scene of a commercial featuring Flex Seal and Phil Swift. It is generally used in a form of reaction images.

It also inspired several video remixes and parodies over time.



What's the origin of That’s A Lotta Damage?

In 2015, Flex Seal created a commercial in order to showcase the attributes of the leak-stopping product in an interesting way.

Phil Swift, the salesman behind the product, starts demonstrating by first stabbing a plastic bucket with a big knife.

With a grin on his face, he shouts: “That’s a lotta damage!” Then he proceeds to cut the bucket even more with a chainsaw and then applies the Flex Seal on the holes.

Spread & Usage

How did That’s A Lotta Damage spread?

The scene went viral with the help of popular youtuber JonTron, who discussed the commercials of Phil Swift in great detail in one of his videos, including the commercial about Flex Seal.

After the video was uploaded in 2018, many remixes and Youtube poop videos were born.

Eventually, people on the internet started using the frame of Swift saying That’s a lotta damage under situations when someone or something is badly hurt, roasted or destroyed.

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