That’s An Awfully Hot Coffee Pot


What does That’s An Awfully Hot Coffee Pot mean?

That’s an awfully hot coffee pot is an iconic opening-line for the rap icon Eminem’s controversial freestyle performance video clip that he did for the American broadcast network company BET.

The performance lacked any music and featured lines that were twisted even to the standards of Eminem.

After going viral, many people started to mock the freestyle’s lyrics, mostly by putting the “That’s an awfully hot coffee pot” line in the spotlight.

Eventually these jokes were made into various meme adaptations on the internet.


What's the origin of That’s An Awfully Hot Coffee Pot?

Donald Trump was elected president in early 2017, and after his inauguration many U.S. celebrities felt like they needed to speak their minds.

Eminem was one of the most explicit to express his dislike towards the president after the elections.

These messages regarding Trump were believed to resonate well with the African-American community of the country, and the Black Entertainment Television (BET) were happy to provide a platform to Em’s new diss freestyle.

Contrary to the serious tone and message of the performance, Eminem opened the freestyle with the line “That’s an awfully hot coffee pot”, which has made the whole thing memorable for the viewers.

Spread & Usage

How did That’s An Awfully Hot Coffee Pot spread?

The video clip was uploaded on YouTube on October 11th, 2017, and was titled “Eminem Rips Donald Trump In BET Hip Hop Awards Freestyle Cypher”. The video has generated over 53 million views over the years.

Just three days later, an alternative version of the clip was uploaded also on YouTube by a user called donut.

This version lacked all the other lyrics except that’s an awfully hot coffee pot, which is also made the title of the video. This clip has reached more than 3 million people.

The first Urban Dictionary article regarding that’s an awfully hot coffee pot was submitted in December 2020.

In 2021, that’s an awfully hot coffee pot became the focus point of a new TikTok trend, where people imitate Eminem from the original video clip.

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